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Padina was first settled by Romanians and later by Serbs but these settlements were abandoned. The current village was founded in 1806 by Slovak immigrants. There were two waves of Slovak immigration, each containing 80 families.

The second wave came two years after the foundation of the village by the first wave.

The settlement was initiated by Archduke Ludwig to strengthen the Military Border between Austrian and Ottoman Empires.

The official name was related to the initiator - Ludwigsdorf in German or Lájosfalva in Hungarian (both meaning Ludwig's village). The inhabitants, however, kept calling it Padina.




Basic information
Country - Serbia
Province - Vojvodina
Administrative district - South Banat
Municipality - Kovacica
Population (census 2011) - 5760
Population density - 106 inhabitants / km ²
Coordinates - 45 ° 07'03 "N 20 ° 43'23" E
Time zone - Central European: UTC +1
Altitude - 105 m
Area - 54.1 km ²
Other information
ZIP code - 26215
Area code - 013
Registration number - PA