Licensed accommodation for adults and older people "Fenix" - Padina


Nursing Home for seniors is located in Padina, municipality of Kovačica, province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia.The building is located in the center of the town, opposite the church, very beautiful and quiet place to live, full of vegetation and nice walking tracks.

In the neighborhood there are (about 20 - 50m of the institution) health center, community center and sport court. In front of the institution there is a pedestrian zone and parking for motor vehicles. Location and climate of this beautiful place and town allows our users to always be able to take a walk on the fresh air during the year and to feel safe and protected.




  • Modern facility
  • Professional medical staff
  • SOS signaling equipment at every step
  • Availability of all necessary equipment and technical aids
  • There are a variety of activities, workshops, entertainment, tours, education ..
  • Comfort and convenience.

Owner of the institution for the accommodation of pensioners and other elderly people is Jan Marko, born in 1971, who grew up in Padina. He is a family man with three children. He lived in abroad for many years. Yet he returned to his hometown and decided to dedicate himself to the human work and make the people who enter their so - called third age, feel safe, beautiful and useful to the society in which they still have a lot to give and show.


We are a world wide open for all intrested senior people, who search for a nice and safe place to live, where they can get care, love and all what is necessary to make their life fulfilled, secured and more intresting and carefree.

Padina have a good connection with highways and major cities, like Belgrade and Novi Sad (50km distance from Belgrade and 85km from Novi Sad). The institution is privately owned and was constructed by SVEC standards. Modern equipment guarantees safety and comort for each user of the institution.

We offer 28 rooms of which some are one -,two-or three-room apartmants, plus studios and suites and kitchenette. Each room and suite has its own bathroom. Rooms create a homely atmosphere. Also, there is a large dining room and living room where our service users can spend their free time. By the each bed there is an SOS apparatus that can be used when anytime when any kind of help is needed. The signal goes to the medical staff who register it on the screen, to be able to promptly react in any situation. Also, there are signs placed above the doors of all rooms and suites. The institution have all the necessary equipment needed for it's perfect functioning and needs of it's users. In the living room there are TV and DVD ROM devices. Users will be able to spend their moments playing social games, reading a book, daily and weekly press and designed animation. There will be a variety of workshops, games, education, cultural events, excursions, which will satisfy all interest groups.

All of these activities and services that will be available to our users will make them feel very active and certainly needed to the society with his presence, power and life experience from which we can still learn a lot. Comfort and all services which include a medical care, provides staff with adequate qualifications and education, which guarantees our customers the highest attention and safety. There is a possibility to consult with a physician or use of medical services and referral for a specialist if condition requires. Food preparation is based on "HACCP" standards where the menu is user friendly to nutrition expert advice.
Friendly staff with their companionship and communication and serene atmosphere contributes to a pleasant stay for our users, also guaranteed their privacy and personal life.

Here you can choose a room or suite of your choice. There is also the possibility of accommodation of spouses in a common room, apartment or suites.

Our goal is to provide people of this age, all the possible care, support and a sense of the full value and strenght that can fulfill their and our life, which certainly does not end with the entry into an institution of this kind, but on the contrary, begins a new and an interesting period in which we can all have still a lot to learn and give to each other.